“He Ain’t Ever Coming Back That Blonde Hair Jesus” 
Curated by Diana Lizette Rodriguez 

Film is another form of language. Temple senses. The idea of this begins with reckless fingers. Typing nothing from a single voice coming and going back to Greece.  the idea who you are reckless finger typing nothing like a single voice coming from Greece going back to Greece and never wonder what life was before yesterday or today or tomorrow coffee static sound that ends abruptly touching black cord heart 
why does something happen at night why we must close all doors and enter into forest fire beyond orgasm something off the page small station transforming like light haiku this formation was meant to be viewed  thru      addition math and science 
clicking itself ancient rain falling again sound layer dead body who you be and the unintentional body fabric coming together sewing you must learn how to weave distant evening he is never coming back may it continue may it continue landscape location water flowing from the pipe was head away the bitter the translation the task of the translator water water water little bones big bones apocalypse and sanctuary dark  lump damp air was damp from grief formula layers pull grasses the plant flower from the space you go back cleansing cleansing Earth 
finding different ways figure sense world orientation temple no one sees it happen pig set on the ancient rain is falling again it falling in America United States revolution everything that is in its own time cycle emerge emerging 


Thank you to 

Ed Bowes / Akilah Oliver 
Emma Gomis 
No Land 
Lynne Sachs
Natalia Gaia 
Lucia Hinojosa 
Sofia Peypoch
Carolina Ebeid 
Mary Shoen 
Anne Waldman / Diane Di Prima 
Jose Antonio Hinojosa
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