I named this series TINTED DECAY ON NEGATIVES. Within the film series I realize the manipulation I can partake even after the negatives have exposed themselves. Yet with the manipulation the audience is still going to see what they want to see. 
And I have an acceptance to this statement. 
In these negatives that I edited for this project, I still maintained the idea of decay. But, there was an extension to it. I had thought of the decay that occurs to non living things. Such as trash. Or what we think of as trash. I included these to some of the negatives. Then I thought of how we think of impermanence as mass waste. Yet life's only consistency is impermanence. Is this why we have so much waste in the world? Because of the refusal of decay? Because even our waste decays, a nonliving, human product decays. 

I edited most of these with the ability, or refusal of tint. There were areas where I wanted shade to appear, and places in which color needed to vary. When I looked into the etymology of tint I was intrigued by the “a dyening,” from tingere “to dye” 
To dye is to create tint, and dying consist of letting something to result in a different color. Sometimes unexpected color, and sometimes no color at all. 
Results of an alteration only reveals itself within the process, sometimes the result isn’t what we need at all. There is movement within process one that does not translate to the eyes. There has been a stress in which I want to translate everything to the eyes of others. But I realize and accept that necessarily does need to happen in order for the art to still have life. I think of this, and support this thought with the idea of my ancestral tongue. When I work in that language, I tend to feel more. I tend to feel something that the English language can not do. Therefore it is better, and more powerful when it stays untranslated.  But that does not mean that I do not translate nothing at all. This only sparks creativity. I translate in a different way. Think of magnitudes that pull strings together. Therefore I realize that there are things that can not be translated, but I that does not mean all is lost. 

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